Tap N Charge Reviews – Does It Work?


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Smartphones have become insanely powerful these days. Just a few years ago, phones were mainly used for communication. Now, smartphones can connect to the internet, play media, take pictures and videos, and many more features, all in one device.

All these powerful features that smartphones possess come at a price. While smartphones are getting better and better at doing tasks, they’re falling behind in the battery life department. It sucks using all those powerful features only to have to charge your device in less than 4 hours of use.

I just recently bought a reasonably new smartphone. While I am pleased with its performance on my daily usage, I noticed my battery was draining unusually fast. Charging it was slow too. 

I went to the shop to see what the problem was. The guys there tried to examine it, but couldn’t find a solution. So I went online on forums to look for a possible fix. Some users suggested that when they switched to wireless charging, their phones worked perfectly. My phone supports wireless charging, but it didn’t come with a charging pad. 

I decided to buy a new wireless charger for my smartphone.

Discovering Tap N Charge

I went online to look for wireless chargers. I immediately noticed that most of them were too expensive. I know this is a new technology and all, but paying 150 dollars or more for a charger seemed unreasonable to me. So I went looking for more affordable ones. That’s how I found out about Tap N Charge. 

Tap N Charge is a wireless charging pad that allows you to charge your phone wirelessly. You simply put your phone on the charging pad, and it will start charging. 

After I started to use it, I noticed immediate results. My phone was charging faster than before, and even my battery wasn’t draining as quickly as before. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my phone had no problems with the battery anymore.


Limited Time Discount

Using Tap N Charge Is a Treat

Tap N Charge is a revolutionary product. It shows you don’t need to spend countless dollars in an expensive wireless charger. Instead, you get a high-quality product at a fraction of the price. 

I also like the design Tap N Charge has. Its modern look blends seamlessly in any environment. It is a nice touch on top of all the functionality it brings. Say goodbye to messy cables and wires.

One thing to note, though, right out of the box, Tap N Charge only supports modern phones with wireless charging capability. However, old phone users, do not worry! It also comes with a wireless charging adapter that you can plug into your phone and put it at your phone’s back. It turns your phone into a wireless charging capable device.

Tap N Charge Features

Some of Tap N Charge’s features are:

  • Wireless charging
  • High-amp and fast-charging
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Wireless charging adapter for older phones

I recommend Tap N Charge to everyone who wants quality wireless charging capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Where To Buy + Special Discount 

Since wireless charging is a new technology, every company is trying to jump on this new trend. They are making low-quality chargers that don’t work or may even damage your phone. That is why you have to be careful where you buy Tap N Charge from.

You can purchase Tap N Charge in the B&D Official Store. The store has a promotion right now that gives a 50% discount to all Tap N Charge purchases. They even provide a 30-day money-back guarantee refund policy if you are not satisfied with your product. I suggest you hurry and buy one of these, as they will change your whole smartphone experience.


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