SonicX Pro Reviews – Is It Worth It?


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Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always had problems with my teeth. I’ve had sensitive gums that made doing the simplest things, like drinking colder water or eating crispy food. 

Although, with time, things started getting a bit better, I still have the same condition. I’ve wasted so much money on the dentist’s appointments. So many different products were recommended to me, but to no avail.

From toothbrushes to mouthwashes to gentle creams, it seemed like everything had its limited working time. In the end, after a few weeks or months of using these products, they would stop working and leave the same discomfort in my mouth that I’ve had for such a long time now.

I am always on the lookout for new innovative products that can help my situation. I have tried so many different products ???

Although I was beginning to get tired of spending so much money and time on useless products with no long-lasting results. That was the point when I came across this electric toothbrush called SonicX Pro.

Finding Out About SonicX Pro

SonicX Pro was an electric toothbrush designed with many unique features differently from other toothbrushes on the market. It’s lightweight and flexible and profoundly cleans your teeth up to 100 times more than a regular toothbrush.

It’s designed and developed by top-level engineers that have gathered heads to defeat and tone down oral diseases. This product helps maintain oral hygiene most safely and efficiently.

SonicX Pro provides four different modes that can help you effectively brush your teeth while suiting your preferences: quick brushing, whitening, gentle washing, and massage, which is used mostly for your gums depending on dental and gingival requirements.

SonicX Pro has numerous unique features:

  • Four different modes according to your tastiest, as I mentioned before
  • High-frequency acoustic vibrations result in powerful brushing force with about 45,000 brush strokes per minute, which is useful for the mouth’s hard-to-reach areas.
  • A timer that has interval pauses every thirty seconds. Each mode will be running for two minutes, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to brush your teeth properly.
  • A long-lasting battery that lives up to two weeks without any need to recharge.
  • It’s compact and lightweight. You can take it with you anywhere, traveling or camping, you name it.
  • It’s waterproof, which means it can be washed like a regular toothbrush.

After reading about all these new innovative features from people’s reviews, I decided to try it out for myself too, so I ordered one.


Limited Time Discount

Using SonicX Pro

SonicX Pro was the fastest product that I’ve ordered that arrived in a while. Once it came, I was utterly obsessed with the whole concept of it. Even when I first used the toothbrush, I could tell how it was so well cared for and designed. It came with the toothbrush host, charging base, replacement brush head, and a USB charging line.

Since I had used multiple electric toothbrushes beforehand, it was easy to get used to. The instructions were simple and direct. After fully charging it once, all you had to do was wet it, apply your desired toothpaste, turn it on, and enjoy. 

Unlike other toothbrushes I had used before, this one didn’t hurt my teeth or gums at all. It was lightweight to the hand and completely portable. I had to take some business trips, and the battery lasted for almost two weeks without charging it.

Its timer was so useful to keep track of the time and care I was putting on my dental hygiene. Plus, it was fully waterproof and able to be used just like an ordinary non-electric toothbrush. I wasn’t afraid of accidentally dropping it and electrocuting myself.

After a month of constant use of this product, I reached terrific results. Even my dentist was surprised at the effect that it had.

I highly recommend SonicX Pro to anyone with dental problems or just want to have such a fantastic product on their possession.

Where To Buy It + Special Discount

If you want to have such an enjoyable product for yourself, you can find the SonicX Pro on this website. It’s important to know where you’re getting this product from if you want to experience the best results and get your money’s worth. Otherwise, you might end up getting a cheap knock off version from unofficial malicious websites that only try to benefit from you.

The B&D Official Store is also offering a limited-time offer of a 50% discount. And get this, if you’re not completely satisfied with the product, there’s a 30-day money-back refund. SonicX Pro keeps selling out, so hurry get one for yourself before someone takes the chance away from you.


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