Range XTD Reviews – Does It Work?


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The Internet is probably the most vital technological advancement in recent years. Almost every single device, from computers to smartphones, is connected to it. We used cables to connect our devices to the Internet until now, but now we use a wireless connection. 

One of the biggest problems that we face in our house is Wi-Fi speed. While the Internet works totally fine in the living room where our Wi-Fi router is, when we get to other sides of the house, it starts to slow down tremendously.

My son is an avid video gamer. He plays a lot of Fortnite with his friends. Since that game requires a stable internet connection to play, it is not rare to hear him yell from his room about the Internet not working correctly. He gets frustrated a lot about it, and he is not alone.

My two twin daughters spend hours upon hours talking with their friends on the phone. They also have their room far from the living room. They often say how their calls get interrupted and stop due to loss of internet connectivity.

I called the internet service provider and asked what I could do to get a stable connection. They were not helpful at all. They said to restart the router, which did nothing to make my internet connectivity better. They also told me I would need to upgrade to their more expensive service to get a better connection. No thanks!

I decided to find another way to improve my Wi-Fi signal to reach all areas of the house. 

Finding Out About Range XTD

I told a friend of mine who is quite tech-savvy about my Wi-Fi problem. He recommended me to get a thing called Range XTD. He said that this device will widen the coverage of Wi-Fi in the house. I decided to trust him and got one to try for myself.

What Is Range XTD 

Range XTD is a Wi-Fi repeater that will make your Wi-Fi accessible anywhere in your house. This device will remove any dead zones that are in your home altogether. It will make sure your devices can be connected from any corner and even your garage!

Installing it was super simple. Just plug it in an outlet, and watch it do its magic. It boosts the range of the Wi-Fi by a considerable margin. As it turns out, I didn’t need any upgrade offered by the ISP. I just needed Range XTD.


Limited Time Discount

Range XTD Features And Benefits

Having a Range XTD in your home comes with great perks:

  • Faster and stronger Wi-Fi signal throughout the whole house
  • Supports data transfers speeds up to 300Mbps
  • Can act as a Wi-Fi repeater, router, or access point depending on your needs
  • Affordable and effective

Ever since I got this device, my connection has never been better. My kids stopped complaining about their Internet being slow. We could all be using the Internet simultaneously, and it still won’t slow down.

My son can finally play with his friends and not use the Internet as an excuse that he can’t beat his friends in video games. My twin daughters can also talk to their friends without getting interrupted every two seconds. I can also have some peace and quiet. 

I highly recommend everyone who has terrible Wi-Fi coverage in your home to get a Range XTD!

Where To Buy + Special Discount

There are a lot of Range XTD knock-offs on the Internet. They claim that they can make your Internet faster, but often they end up throttling your internet speed and making it even slower. So be careful where you buy it from!

You can buy Range XTD in the B&D Official Store. You can even get one with a 50% discount if you buy it right now! The store offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your product. So hurry up and save your internet speed with this revolutionary product!


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