Qgrips Reviews – Does It Really Work?


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I am a mother of three sweet boys. They are all quiet kids. They never cause a stir or act spoiled. That is why I never had too many problems when raising them. 

That is until my youngest turned three. The worry started when my child wouldn’t turn around the first few times we would call his name. Then he would whine about his ears hurting. That got us quite worried. I tried everything I could, from using cotton swabs to different medical and herbal ointments. 

It seemed that I was just making things worse.

We decided to send him to the doctors. He told us it might be an ear infection. He cleaned his ears and gave us some medicine to take care of him. Everything was alright for a while. It did not last long, unfortunately.

My husband and I tried our best to keep him clean for the instance to not be repeated. He hasn’t had any ear problems before, so we hoped it wouldn’t develop again. We were mistaken.

Discovering Qgrips

This went on for a few weeks. We would have to send him to the doctor so frequently. All the money spent on a cleanup was a bit concerning for us. Not that we regretted it, we would do anything for our dear children, of course!

We were searching for many different alternatives. The doctor told us that the Q tips would only make things worse, as it would just push back the ear wax. The medicine wouldn’t work either. That was when we stumbled upon Qgrips.


Limited Time Discount

My husband and I were looking around the internet, wishing that something would help us in this situation by sheer luck. We saw an ad for Qgrips and immediately clicked on it. We found out that IQgrips was an innovative ear cleaner. It was affordable and eco-friendly. 

It checked out all of the boxes we had been looking for. We decided to order it right away. It was such a small price to pay for the health of our kids. We just hoped it would turn out for the best for our little boy.

Using Qgrips

The shipping was really fast. Qgrips arrived within days of ordering it, and it came with 16 removable spiral tips. Said tips were all made of silicone and plastic, and they were all reusable. 

I used one on my son right ahead. The blunt silicone tips fit perfectly on his ear. There was no need to worry about hurting him as I had accidentally done with the q-tips.

I was able to twist the tips right on and off for new usage. I tried it with all of my kids and they all felt pleasant when I used them. After usage, I easily washed them with soap and warm water.

The product was portable and lightweight, too. Unlike the Q tips, there was no need for unnecessary waste left behind. I highly recommend you to also switch out your regular q-tips with Qgrips for the best experience.

Where To Buy It + Special Discount

 I don’t know how rough of a time my husband and I would have had if we didn’t find out about Qgrips. Unfortunately, there have been so many untrustworthy websites selling cheap knock off versions. That’s why it’s necessary to know the official website where you can purchase Qgrips. 

Check out B&D Official Store to purchase Qgrips. I reached out to the store, and they were so kind as to offer a 50% discount for our readers.

The store also offers a 30-day money-back refund if you’re not satisfied with the product. Qgrips is regularly selling out, so hurry before the offer is gone!


Limited Time Discount