Pawsafe Seatbelt Reviews – Is It Really Worth It?


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We got our dog, Max, when my youngest daughter was just a little 5 years old. He was just a newborn puppy back then, so needless to say, he and my daughter particularly grew up together. They knew each other’s ticks and habits and could always tell when they were feeling happy or down.

Max has been a huge part of her upbringing, and as she is growing up, she has planned to keep him in her life no matter what. She has even planned on taking him with her in her next college years so they both wouldn’t feel lonely and miss each other’s company. That was how inseparable they were.

They are lifelong best friends.

Recently though, my daughter has started taking driving lessons. It was a pretty new and exciting experience for her. She was always happy to attend these classes, but I could tell she was getting more nervous as days went by.

As I said before, she and Max were inseparable. So, the thing was that Max would never let her go without a fight. The only solution was to take him with her. Usually, my wife or I would go with them, just so our dog Max wouldn’t accidentally disrupt her lessons.

However, as comforting as Max’s presence might have been for her, she was also worried about his safety. One day she even came to me telling me about these different gadgets. They were specifically made for dogs to be safely secured in a car when their owners were driving.

I agreed with her, so we both started checking out things and trying them on Max. Although nothing seemed to work for him. We tried seat covers, seat barriers, and travel seats, but nothing seemed comfortable enough for him. But, after so much money and many unsuccessful attempts, we finally came across Pawsafe Seatbelt.

Discovering Pawsafe Seatbelt

Pawsafe Seatbelt was a professionally designed seat belt to secure your dog during car rides.

This product will help keep your dog stable during sharp turns and sudden stops. It’s a heavy-duty rope paired with shock-absorbing bungee. It is paired with a swivel clasp on one end and a seatbelt buckle on the other.

It’s effortless to use and adaptable for any car. All you have to do to apply it is snap the buckle into place on the car seat and attach the clasp on the other end to the dog’s harness. Your dog will be able to stay put comfortably and not have the urge to suddenly jump up or move chairs. 


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Pawsafe Seatbelt‘s “no tangle” design allows your dog to lay down, sit or stand wherever preferable to the driver without disturbing them. It’s made of sturdy and durable, strong Nylon fabric. The sturdy aluminum alloy clasps are made to move 360 degrees in a way to prevent tangling or accidentally choking your dog. 

The strap is adjustable, ranging from 53 cm to 74 cm, depending on what dog you have, big or small. Pawsafe Seatbelt is approved by both veterinarians’ automotive and safety professionals as a safe and functional product.

With all of these in mind, the product looked pretty promising. So my daughter and I decided to purchase it.

Using Pawsafe Seatbelt

Pawsafe Seatbelt came reasonably fast. There was no need for my daughter to go on another anxiety-filled ride. Or for Max to spend another day sulking around our home just waiting aimlessly.

Once the product arrived, we immediately got it out of the package and took Max to our car. It was the most effortless and most simple product to put on. With his harness on, we equipped the seatbelt on him and adjusted the strap accordingly.

We went for a quick test drive around the neighborhood to see the functionality of the straps. The dog absolutely loved it. Max was very comfortable with it, and it didn’t bother him at all. 

It was a pleasure to use for both the dog and us. Thankfully, my daughter felt more secure taking the dog with her even after completing her drivers’ test and got her license. Pawsafe Seatbelt came to use even when we went on family trips across the country to our relatives.

With such great results, I highly recommend Pawsafe Seatbelt to anyone that owns a dog and wants to keep them safe during car rides!

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Don’t miss out on this chance to keep your pet dogs safe and not risk their lives. Your wallet and your dog will definitely thank you for it!