Ion Shower Spa Reviews – Does It Really Work?


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I never had any severe problems with acne in my teen years. Neither did my husband, so it was surprising that our teenage daughter suddenly broke out one day. Being the teenager that she is, she started whining and crying about this unfortunate event.

At first, my husband and I shrugged it off as mere acne that usually appears in the teenage years. But months went by, and things started getting worse. She complained a lot about how the acne hurt, and that it was starting to get itchy and inflamed.

We started to get worried the more the days went by. We decided to send our daughter to a dermatologist to get her checked up. We were desperately hoping it was nothing serious.

But I didn’t expect the dermatologists’ next words. Apparently, it was no case of teenage acne, but rather a slowly developing severe eczema case. This was caused by dehydrated skin, usually when you’re using water with many unhealthy minerals to clean your skin.

He suggested we check our water supply and buy a product that can help soften the water and eliminate these harmful minerals. He told us about a product that he was using himself that helped him manage his own water a great deal.

Discovering Ion Shower Spa 

ion shower spa product

The product was called Ion Shower Spa. It was a showerhead that preserves natural moisture on the skin by regulating the water mineral levels. It was an extremely successful solution to our problem.

This ionic filtered showerhead will significantly improve your morning routine experience. With its natural mineral balls, it can filter 99% of the chlorine and other damaging minerals from your water.

It has numerous beneficial features:

  • It consists of quality metal and vitamin C + E filter on the inside of the showerhead. It highlights a 15-stage shower system. With this, you will be able to stay clean and healthy with your everyday water.
  • It reduces ammonia, heavy metals, rust, clay, etc. from your showering and drinking water.
  • The showerhead is filled with KDF 55, alkaline ceramic balls, activated carbon, calcium sulfite, and other filtering materials that entirely guarantee the best result of water purification.
  • There is no need to spend so much money on customer service anymore. The showerhead Installs effortlessly with only one hand needed to tighten and use in minutes. It offers different types of showers, from rainfall, to massage, to a combination of both.

This showerhead seemed like the best alternative to our daughter’s condition. With hopes high, we immediately ordered the showerhead.


Limited Time Discount

Using Ion Shower Spa

Ion Shower Spa came reasonably fast. Once it arrived, we immediately took the product out of its box. We put it on to replace our previous showerhead.

We were astonished at just how easy it was to install. We had expected a leaflet of difficult to read and understand instructions, just as it had occurred with our last showerhead. But Ion Shower Spa was completely different.

The instructions were easy to read, and all you had to do to install the showerhead was to clasp the end of it and safely turn and secure it. After showering with Ion Shower Spa, our daughter’s acne no longer acted up.

She was really pleased with the end result and thanked us for getting such a high-quality functional product. Not only will it help with different skin conditions, but it will also keep your body healthy and safe from damaging minerals.

I highly recommend Ion Shower Spa to everyone.

Where To Buy It From + Special Discount

Many irresponsible sellers claim that their showerheads will be able to purify your water entirely of harmful minerals. But what they do is only infest your water more with fake tricks to strip you of your money and leave you unsatisfied. On the other hand, Ion Shower Spa is the only legitimate product that can help you maintain healthy skin and life. So be careful where you buy it from!


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