HomeNetix Reviews – Does It Work?


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With the introduction of the internet, all devices in our home have become more connected than ever. At first, only computers could connect to the internet, but nowadays, almost everything can. That’s because every device is becoming smarter, with the addition of computer functionalities to them. 

While there are many benefits of having all smart devices, it also has a few downsides. I am a father of two children, and they really like to watch television. They always get upset when I tell them it is time to turn off the TV. It is hard to explain to them that watching TV all day is not healthy for them. Besides, even after turning off the TV, they go to their computers right away. 

So I decided to do something about it. I wasn’t going to cut my connection completely. That was out of the question. All I wanted was to put a few limits on how much time they can spend on TV and computers. But first, I needed to know how much time they were consuming on each of their devices.

I needed a device that can remotely monitor and limit the time my kids were spending on TV and their computers.

Discovering HomeNetix 

While looking online for options, I came across HomeNetix, a device that helps you control your home’s electronic devices. It will transform your smartphone into a remote control for all your electronics. It can not only connect to your computers or TV but even your air conditioner, lights, and many more. 

I was sold immediately. When HomeNetix arrived, I instantly put it to the test. I connected it to my Android smartphone and opened the app. Setting it up was simple and easy. I now had access to all my electronic devices. 

HomeNetix is much more than I anticipated. I loved the convenience that it brings in your home. To have this much control over your devices, on the palm of your hand, is a fantastic feature. 


Limited Time Discount

HomeNetix Will Transform Your Home 

Ever since I had HomeNetix in my home, interacting with my devices is a pleasure. It is like I have a universal remote control that can control all my devices. The days when I would look for my TV remote are gone. Now I have all I need in my hand. 

I have successfully put a time limit on my TV so that kids will know when it is time to sleep. I also liked that I could just control my TV with a voice command. HomeNetix just makes everything accessible and fun. It turns your home into a smart home.

Some of the many features HomeNetix are:

  • Control over multiple appliances – Everything from your TV, AC unit, lights, and many more can be accessed by HomeNetix
  • Compatibility across different devices – It is compatible with Android, iOS and supports syncing with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Easy to set up and use – It has a user-friendly interface with many options to choose from
  • Voice Command Function – It allows you to control it with voice commands
  • Profiles – You can set up profiles for easy configurations for different devices
  • Limit screen time – You can limit screen time on your TV for moderate use

I highly recommend HomeNetix for everyone who wants to have easy access to all electronic devices.

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There are a lot of HomeNetix knock-offs on the internet. So you have to be very careful where you buy it from. 

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