Blaux Personal Fan Reviews – Is It Really Worth It?


Limited Time Discount

I have been living with three of my friends for a while now. It’s a great experience, with more affordable rent, occasional entertaining movie nights, hiking days, or even a shoulder to depend on when days turn upside down.

roommates hiking

Recently though, we have been experiencing quite a rough time as we are nearing the blazing days of summer. I mean, in an apartment with four different people, arguments are sure to arise every once in a while. This time though, these small little fights didn’t seem to stop any time soon.

It all started with a big purchase of an air conditioner. We had decided to gather together to buy this fancy looking air conditioner in hopes for a cooler air as days were nearing to become warmer. The first few days, it went fine. Then, things started getting more difficult.

We all had our preferences when it came to heating. Some of us wanted cooler air. At the same time, the others could immediately tell if the temperature changed just one degree warmer. Conflicts arose here and there. All because of the air conditioner. My roommates started to lose their cool so much faster…

Something had to be done about this.

Days later, the fancy air conditioner that everyone was so excited and faithful to use broke on us. You can’t imagine the building up frustration we all felt at that moment. 

The New Affordable Way Of Keeping Cool

The next day, I was fed up with the heat that I called my mother on the phone and vented to her. I let it all out, starting from the poor customer service to the too high prices for no reason…

With amused laughter in her voice, my mother told me of the same thing that had happened to her and my dad just recently. She then informed me about Blaux Personal Fan.

roommates with laptop

I immediately told my three roommates. All four of us hunched over one of our laptops and browsed this miraculous product that was about to solve all of our problems.

Blaux Personal Fan was a high-quality personal air conditioner. It was an affordable portable air cooler with a multitude of unique features. From the description on the official website, it looked pretty promising. We all decided to get one for each of us to try it out. Because we were buying in bulk, customer service was so kind as to give us a 50% discount too!

This was already lifting our mood. The shipping was pretty fast, so we didn’t need to suffer more days of sitting on smoldering heat and glaring unforgivingly at our “fancy” broken air conditioner.


Limited Time Discount

Blaux Personal Fan Changed Our Lives

When the Blaux Personal Fan came on our doorstep, it left all four of us speechless. The fan was portable, which meant we no longer had to hog one room and grumble about the air conditioning, not suit our tastes. We could each move around the apartment, whether in the kitchen or even the balcony.

None of us even thought of the unfortunate air conditioner that had previously caused us so many arguments. We were all so satisfied with the product. The arguments subsided, and we were finally in harmony.

I highly recommend you to get Blaux Personal Fan

blaux personal ac featured

Blaux Personal Fan was such an enchanting product. Incredibly, a 30-hour span makes it possible to take it even outside the house. The fan was designed to sit comfortably on your neck. Even it’s sleek, simple design is beautiful and clean. It’s accommodated for any age or gender.

The fan was extremely easy to clean and maintain. It’s incredible features included: a cooling plate, three-speed modes, an LED ring to indicate power and charging status, an ionizer inside the fan chamber to reduce allergens and pollutants, and built-in antibacterial filters inside the fan intake.

Where To Buy It + Special Discount

It is crucial to know where you’re getting this product from. There are many different websites that are not trustworthy and selling a knock-off version. I went through hours to find the official store.

It took me a while to find it, but I finally did. It’s called B&D Official Store. I reached out to them and they were kind enough to offer a 50% discount for our readers.


Limited Time Discount

If you want to buy one, then you better hurry. Blaux Personal Fan is constantly selling out. The shipping was very fast. I got it within a few days. They offer a 30-day money-back refund if you’re not satisfied with the product.