Battery ResQ Reviews – Is It Worth It?


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Technology has evolved a lot over the years. Back then, there were computers that would fill up a whole room. Now, smartphones that fit in our pocket are a million times more powerful than those computers. 

It is incredible to think about how much computers have changed, and how dependent we have become to these devices. They are part of almost everything we use daily. However, all computers have something in common. They all need electricity to work. And they eat power like there is no tomorrow. 

As a photographer, I tend to travel by car a lot during my work. I usually have a lot of gadgets with me on my trips. My camera, my smartphone, and my camera equipment are a necessity to take my pictures with. And all of them require some sort of battery to function. 

A lot of the pictures I take are in outside environments with beautiful scenery. On the road, there were not many places to recharge my equipment. Often I was left with no battery on my camera or smartphone. It’s like I had a time limit on my work. I couldn’t even finish my job and had to do it the next day, which was costly.

I decided that I would try to find a solution to my battery problems.

Finding Out About Battery ResQ

Up until very recently, I wasn’t aware of power banks. They are batteries that store a lot of energy inside them and can charge other devices. I thought that the concept was genius, which could be just what I needed in my travels. A friend recommended a power bank called Battery ResQ, and I went on the website to see what it was all about.

I needed something compact and reliable to get on my travels. So I decided to go with Battery ResQ. And I don’t regret it one bit.


Limited Time Discount

Battery ResQ Changed The Way I Travel

I cannot thank my friend enough for recommending Battery ResQ to me. I bring it in all of my travels, and I can’t imagine how I used to work without a power bank. Now I have plenty of battery life for all my equipment with just one device. All I have to do is connect my device with my Battery ResQ, and it will charge just like from home. 

Having extra power on the go was life-changing for me. It went from being on a timer to now having as much time as I needed in my photoshoots. It has saved me countless hours and money that I would otherwise spend on the road. 

Battery ResQ Is Not Just a Power Bank 

I like that Battery ResQ doesn’t just offer power for your devices. It also has many great features, like:

  • 12000 mAh lithium battery with an output of 12V @ 400Amp
  • 5-year shelf life
  • FCC and CE certification
  • Solid build quality and small form factor
  • Impressive battery life
  • Compatibility with most devices because it uses micro USB
  • Built-in flashlight and glass breaker in case of emergencies
  • Able to jump start a car if it’s not starting

I highly recommend Battery ResQ. It is a must-have if you have many gadgets that need a battery constantly.

Where To Buy + Special Discount 

There are many low-quality power banks on the internet. They claim to have many features, but they often don’t even have FCC certification, so they can be dangerous for your device’s safety. That’s why you need to be careful. Battery ResQ is the only power bank that has this many features.

You can get your very own Battery ResQ in the official store. I bought it with a 50% discount. But they’re saying it is only for a limited time. So hurry up and get it before it’s too late! You can refund it if you’re not satisfied with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Limited Time Discount