Barx Buddy Reviews – Does It Really Work?


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I have always been afraid of dogs. It’s such an irrational fear of mine that sometimes leaves people in shock when I tell them. Because dogs are such popular pets, you see them everywhere, and they’re loved dearly.

But don’t get me wrong. I can’t deny the fact that dogs are indefinitely the cutest of the pets. But if I were to ever see one on the street, I’ll definitely flee to the other side. Everything started when I was a kid, and a few neighborhood dogs deemed it a good idea to chase a small child around. 

This occurrence had happened a few times in a row. I guess they were just street dogs gone rogue. But that is why I’m always jumpy anytime a dog ever seems to look my way, no matter how small they are. And not to mention a barking or growling dog… 

Apart from just fleeing and hiding behind the friend, I never really knew there would be any affordable solution that could help me.

That was what I believed, at least, until now. 

Finding Out About Barx Buddy

A friend who had unfortunately been my makeshift shield to passing dogs way too many times was actually the one to tell me all about Barx Buddy. 

Barx Buddy was such a simple, unthreatening device at first glance. But after learning its functionality, you understand everything this product is all about.

Barx Buddy is initially made to train your dogs when they’re too barking too loudly for no reason. To avoid this unwanted behavior, Barx Buddy is used, and your pet will immediately react more calmly.

Dogs can hear sounds from 67 hertz to 45.000 hertz, which is about twice higher than humans can. The Barx Buddy constructs a sound at about 30,000 Hertz, which means it will not affect human ears, making a low uncomfortable noise for dogs.


Limited Time Discount

Barx Buddy has no harmful effect on your pet dogs. This makes it the perfect solution to calm dogs when they’re being too hyperactive and disrupting in an unlikely environment.

This product is useful not only for dog owners but also for people who are afraid of dogs that want to feel safe and secure if any street dogs are causing them discomfort.

What’s even more impressive with this product is that it universally works with any type of dog, from big dogs like German Shepherds or Huskies to small dogs like Yorkies. It even works on most cats.

After reading so much about Barx Buddy, I was really amazed and impressed that I decided to order one for my own.

Using Barx Buddy

Barx Buddy came reasonably fast. This was so great for me because it meant I’ll no longer feel vulnerable every time I see one on the street.

Barx Buddy was so compact and portable that I didn’t need to disrupt my daily routine to get extra bags or pockets on my outfit. I had expected something more challenging, but this product was so easy and simple to maneuver.

All I had to do when I’d see a dog barking too aggressively my way was point the product towards the dog from a safe and visible distance. Then I press the button on it to emit the Ultrasonic sounds. 

It’s possible to take a step towards the dog to sit down or take a step back, something that ensures that you’ve got the top hand on the situation. The Barx Buddy is equipped with an LED light used for more stubborn people who refuse to listen. 

In the end, all you need to do is release the sound and/or light button and give the dog some space to calm down. I even offered this product to most of my friends who are dog owners, and they have all reported excellent and pleasing results with it.

I highly recommend Barx Buddy to everyone who struggles to train their dogs or feel uncomfortable when around giant aggressive dogs.

Where To Buy It + Special Discount

Having ordered many of these products previously online, I wasn’t surprised to find many Barx Buddy knock-offs around the internet. So watch out where you buy it from! Many products are claiming to have the same features and functionality. But you can purchase Barx Buddy only on B&D Official Store.

If you want to get one, then you’d better hurry. The store is giving out a 50% discount for a short time. The product is being sold exceptionally quickly, so there might not be enough time left for you to get your hands on a Barx Buddy. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you happen to not be satisfied with the product.


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Don’t miss out on this chance to train your dogs with little effort. Your wallet will definitely thank you for it!